Is there anything more relaxing than putting your feet up in front of the fire? A fireplace gives you years of comfort, and it's a great investment for your home

Welcome To Lucan Stoves, L & J Fireplaces:

Due to the rising cost of gas and oil it has become very popular to go back to the old way of heating your family home i.e. (wood, coal or briquettes) it's a very good alternative to the very expensive gas and oil. An open fire is only around 20% efficient as most of the heat is lost straight up the chimney. All our stoves are multi fuel and have the highest specifications.

Burning European standard (cert) wood, coal and briquettes is a very economical way to heat your family home. In turn with burning less fuel, not only are you reducing your energy costs but you are also contributing to a better environment reducing Co2 levels. If you use our boiler models you can back up your central heating subject to approval.

Lucan stoves and L & J fireplaces have been supplying and fitting stoves and fireplaces in Lucan and surrounding areas for the past 30 years to the highest of standards and top quality products.