Antique Fireplaces

THE SHELBOURNE, The Shelbourne is a design by Asher Benjamin which is typical of design during the Federal period of the USA. This period was epitomised by rich carvings, muted colours, natural and geometric patterns and like Robert Adam designs, is heavily influenced by neoclassical architecture, particularly prevalent after the discovery of Pompeii in 1748. Specifications Surround Height = 62 " Surround Width = 70" / 72"

THE GRAND, The Grand Tudor's simple design marries perfectly with the gothic overtones that typify the Tudor period. It is carved from bathstone, which was extensively used throughout Europe during the Roman and Medieval periods as a building material. The bathstone used in the Grand Tudor lends it a rustic and aged appearance. Specifications Surround Height = 48" Surround Width = 58 .

THE ROYAL, The Royal Tudor is a fine example of a fireplace from the late 16th century. Slightly taller than the Grand Tudor, it boasts a splendid gothic arch. The arch, austere decoration and sandstone characterise the Tudor period. Specifications Surround Height = 50" Surround Width = 60"


THE BESPOKE CORBEL ANTIQUE. Bespoke Corbel was commissioned as a replacement piece for a stately home in Cork, Ireland. We are now delighted to include the Bespoke Corbel in our range. The Bespoke Corbel boasts lavishly elegant and refined carving on the frieze and legs which are topped by fine corbels ending in beautifully carved paterae. Specifications Surround Height = 49 " Surround Width = 66 ".

The Hilary / Antique White, Magnificent curving legs, egg and dart carving and a break top mantel are the dominant features on this fireplace based on the original which can be found in Tailors Hall in Christchurch, Dublin. Built in 1706 Tailors Hall is steeped in history and is the only remaining Guild Hall in Dublin. Specifications Surround Height = 59" Surround Width = 78".

The Buckingham Antique White, A design found in a Georgian House in Upper Sackville St. in Dublin. The fireplace features intricate egg and dart work and some of the finest carving that can be found anywhere. This stately fireplace is of extremely generous proportions and will create a centre piece worthy of any room. Specifications Surround Height = 61 " Surround Width = 78".


The Dorchester / Antique White, Graceful columns, scrolls, beautiful marble and a simple centre tablet and frieze panels define the Dorchester. A stepped mantel sits atop this fireplace giving the Dorchester an understated sophistication. Its lack of complexity and indulgence are bywords for this fireplace and they combine to create a surprisingly elegant chimney piece. Specifications Surround Height = 58" Surround Width = 72"

THE CHURCHIL ANTIQUE WHITE, Strong, robust and adorned with the most beautifully carved columns, capitols and mantel. The Churchill is a Robert Adam design from the late 18th century, which combines classical elements with a strong Georgian influence to create a fireplace that exudes an old world charm and elegance. Specifications Surround Height = 60 " Surround Width = 72"

THE PARLIAMENT ANTIQUE WHITE, Production of a fireplace specially commissioned for the great library at Stanley House, Kent. A Robert Adam design, it features a carved centre tablet and inlaid frieze panels and jambs. The Antique White marble is complemented by a stunning Giallo Siena inlay. This lends a certain flamboyance to the Parliament that is held in check by the classical design elements. Specifications Surround Height = 55" Surround Width = 72"


The Langley Antique White - Stylised floral and foliate motifs adorn the Langley. Its Antique White and Verde Antico marbles make for a stunning contrast. The large and substantial stepped mantel which can be found on the Langley boasts a wealth of intricate detail and its depth and height add a great sense of proportion to this fireplace. Specifications Surround Height = 55" Surround Width = 65"

The Springfield / Antique White, A reproduction of a stylish French fireplace from the late 18th century, the Springfield is an ornate fireplace featuring an abundance of floral and foliate carving which epitomises this period. Proud, ornate carving on the corner blocks rests atop fluted jambs in this graceful marble surround. Specifications Surround Height = 55" Surround Width = 72"

The Hibernian Limestone, The Hibernian is an adaptation of a late 18th century design found in the great estate houses of Ireland. The Hibernian strikes a delicate balance between its rich ornate decoration and imposing geometric design. Specifications Surround Height = 54" Surround Width = 70"


a few words about us

. Based in Lucan Co Dublin. We are a sister company of Lucan Stoves and L & J Fireplaces, which has been supplying and fitting quality fireplaces, wood burning stoves and gas fires in Lucan and most counties in Ireland for more than 30 years.


. Due to the rising cost of gas and oil it has become very popular to go back to the old way of heating your family home i.e. (wood, coal or briquettes) it's a very good alternative to the very expensive gas and oil. An open fire is only around 20% efficient as most of the heat is lost straight up the chimney.

. All our stoves are multi fuel and have the highest specifications. Burning European standard (cent) wood, coal and briquettes is a very economical way to heat your family home. In turn with burning less fuel, not only are you reducing your energy costs but you are also contributing to a better environment reducing Co2 levels. If you use our boiler models you can back up your central heating subject to approval.