Henley Stoves:

A specialist woodburning stove showroom established over 30 years ago, A quality woodburning stove is a long term investment, offering substantial savings in heating bills - customers report savings of more than 50% on their gas bills after we have installed a wood burning stove in their homes. .Wood burning stoves featured in this website represent the very best of the wood burning stove industry. We have avoided the cheap end of the wood burning market as you only get what you pay for. A premium grade wood burning stove is a lifetime investment and is the only cost effective stove


MULTI FUEL STOVE The Cladagh 16kW stove is a large stove delivering plenty of heat and piping hot water throughout your home. Its large firebox and grate gives you plenty of room to burn large logs and turf. Its large ornate vision panel means you can sit back and enjoy the view as the Cladagh heats your home and water. 6 kw to the room and 10 kw to the water.

the lauren

MULTI FUEL STOVE The Laune stove with boiler option is the second 10 kw to the water and 6 kw to the room.

the tolka

MULTI FUEL STOVE The Tolka is a mid sized stove with optional boiler. It features double doors, giving you plenty of room for fuel and a stately appearance. 8 kw to the water and 4 kw to the room.

The Erne

MULTI FUEL STOVE The Erne room heater is the smallest stove in the river collection. It is the ideal stove to deliver great savings in heating costs for those with open fires. Non boiler with 6 kw to the room.

the traditional

Black Diamond Cast Door. The largest of traditional stoves, the County stove is an excellent choice for larger rooms and open living spaces, providing enough heat to keep you warm in the coldest weather. 5 kw - 7 kw.