Solar Panels

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We at Direct Solar Suntrap understand The importance of a reliable cost effective energy supply. We also understand the financial pressure of maintaining a consistent hot water and heating supply. That is why we at Direct SSL want to provide you with a positive solar energy supply that is not just effective as an energy supply but also has a very positive effect on your bank account. Not only is going solar saving you money, it also has the potential of increasing the value of your property and making you feel good about protecting the environment. When you decide to go solar everybody wins.

It's a Win - Win - Win Situation.


Solar Savings

Sustainable sunshine delivers 850 its of energy per square metre. Solar panels have the proven ability to harness significantly more than 50% of this endless energy supply, providing a very cost effective hot water supply for the home owner. Having a no maintenance, efficient solar energy system that Direct SSL supply and install can save the home owner up to 60% of their home heating / hot water bill, and as fossil fuel prices continually rise this cost effective energy supply can only shine brighter and brighter, bringing warmth and happiness to you.

why solar panels?

Affordable Clean Safe Low

Maintenance Easy To Install

Environmentally- Friendly Cost

Effective. Lifetime Up To 25 years.

friendly to use

Solar water heaters do not pollute. By investing in one, you will be avoiding carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and the other air pollution and wastes created when your utility generates power or you.

saves environment

burn fuel to heat your household water. When a solar water heater replaces an electric water heater, the electricity displaced over 20 years represents more than 50 tons of avoided carbon dioxide emissions alone.

sustainable energy

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY IRELAND There is a wealth of information available from The SEI (Sustainable Energy Ireland) with regards to grants, environmental information and renewable energy development.